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By Michael BenjaminDespite the most ardent pleas by social rights activists and other concerned groups,Wholesale China Jerseys, supported by draconian sentences meted out by the courts to persons found guilty of abuse and wounding our womenfolk, and initiatives employed by members of the Guyana Police Force in collaboration with officials of the Human Service Ministry, women continue to be maimed and murdered, far too often by men who, in some cases stood before man and God and promised to love them under all circumstances, and in others, by those with whom they choose to cohabit.The uninitiated is truly amazed and questions the stance taken by members of the ‘fairer sex’ that defy commonsense, to remain in situations that oft times leave them dead or nursing serious wounds. On far too many occasions, women shrug aside the proverbial ‘insignificant slap’ or vile threats and continue to cohabit with men that are far too domineering, dictate the terms of cohabitation and virtually control every aspect of their lives, and for reasons best known to them, retain a stony silence.Some women have admitted that their situation is indeed volatile yet they continue to put up with ill treatment despite being fully aware of the dangers under which they live. The situation becomes even more tenuous when children are brought into the equation. Apart from the adverse sociological environment precipitated by the unstable union between the male and female adults, the health and wellbeing of the children are placed at risk and many little girls have been raped and victimized by  these bullies in trousers under silent acquiescence of their mothers.The lawmen are placed in untenable positions since they are unable to prosecute, having been devoid of solid evidence and the support of the mothers who oft times are themselves cowed into submission and leave their young girls to the wolves all in the name of love for the predators.Some women do gather the courage to complain to the police who in turn present the matter before the courts only to experience frustration when, after two sessions, the affected women recant their positions and end up ‘begging for a chance’ for the errant males. By refusing to give testimony against their spouses, there is no ground under which the perpetrators of these dastardly deeds could be convicted and for far too long, persons that should be placed behind bars, are released into society to once again commit similar acts, sometimes against the very woman that had refused to testify against him. Sometimes the second time is even more decisive and the woman is killed. Ironically,World Baseball Classic Jerseys, women retract and blame the men for the sorry state of affairs.Only last Thursday, a 58 year old man was sent away for 50 years after a jury of his peers found him guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl. It was instructive to note that just after her horrific ordeal began that the child had complained to her father. The fact that the incident occurred after that complaint was lodged,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, strengthens my point that children, especially girls, are in dire need of strong motherly support during their impressionable years.Random surveys have endorsed that many women feel that their future rests in the hands of their bullying spouses and they have been indoctrinated to believe that he is their only economic hope. Nothing is farther from the truth as many women who dared to extricate themselves from similar volatile situations have discovered.It is now time that women wake up and smell the coffee; the men are not your worst enemies, you are. Those women,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, satisfied to adopt a stance of inertia while blaming the men for their woes, must now adopt the correct strategies to extricate themselves from such volatile situations. Admittedly, many women who are brutalized by their spouses are somewhat academically challenged and may not be qualified to hold down prestigious jobs. This certainly does not preclude them from changing their circumstances through remedial classes and other academic vocations. Sometimes even a domestic job that brings in a small salary may compensate for giving up one’s dignity and freedom to domineering spouses.Too many women foolishly sacrifice their freedom under the guise of love, and when their decision backfires, they blame it on men. While I will be the first to denounce domestic violence and while I realize that men have occupied the stratum most culpable for domestic violence, I continue to hold firm that women, by their very reluctance to act, have contributed in part to this anomaly.I believe that women have a strong force to drive home the message to their men and considerably reduce the high incidence of domestic violence pervading our society.This view was further strengthened after I read a report emanating from Manila, Philippines where a collective sex strike launched by women in Dado, Maguindanao, to bring peace to the troubled village and nearby communities. This is certainly not the first of its kind in the world and had its roots in Greek playwright Aristophanes’ Lysistrata where the female characters led by Lysistrata withheld sex from their husbands as part of their strategy to secure peace and end the Peloponnesian War. Earlier this year, in February, Belgian Senator Marleen Temmerman proposed a sex strike to break the political deadlock in the government’s formation. She beseeched the spouses of all negotiators to withhold sex until a deal is reached.Also in 2009, a BBC report spoke of women’s activist groups in Kenya enforcing a week-long sex ban on their partners to protest the infighting plaguing the nation’s government. The women asked prostitutes,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, as well as the wives of the Kenyan President and the Prime Minister, to join the protest. In yet another case in 2006, wives and girlfriends of gang members in Colombia launched a sex strike called ‘La huelga delas piernas cruzadas’ (the strike of crossed legs), in response to the 480 killings in the city of Pereira. Miraculously,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the city’s Mayor supported the campaign, which reportedly resulted in a 26.5% drop in the murder rate in that country last year. Another sex strike launched by women in Colombia in June 2011 demanded a paved road to a small town in Barbacoas province. By now, you would have imagined that workmen were expeditiously dispatched to mend the road. Similar sex strikes have also been launched in Naples, Italy in 2008, as well as Liberia in 2003.Yet amidst such awesome resources and power, our womenfolk continue to accept treatment that defies decency and when they end up six feet underground, the social groups lash out at the men. It is now time to apply the mathematical formula, divide the blame, subtract men’s pleasure and multiply your chances of recouping even a modicum of self respect.