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By: Romila BoodramIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the time for increased crime, fires, and accidents outside and within the home.Kaieteur News spoke to police, fire and health officials who offered several tips for a safer Christmas.RobberiesAs if holiday shopping isn’t stressful enough, taking extra precautions against pick-pockets,NFL Jerseys China, burglars and bandits can seem like a burden.However, a few preventable actions can help persons to avoid becoming victims of crime.During the holiday season,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the Guyana Police Force is calling on all persons to be extra careful as they go about their shopping.“Thieves often prey on those doing holiday shopping because they know that they have cash on them,” a police officer noted.He said that as much as possible,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, shop in the daytime with at least one other person and where necessary, park in well-lit areas, and near other vehicles.Owners of small cars should avoid parking next to large vehicles- Bigger cars can block their vehicles from view, providing cover for thieves and possibly causing hindrances in the case of an emergency.The police officer advised persons to keep their wallets or purses close to their body, and limit the amount of cash they carry to what they’ll need for the shopping trip.“Don’t become complacent while in the store. Notice the people around you, and don’t load yourself down with bags. Have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle. You will be ready to unlock the door and will not be delayed by fumbling and looking for your keys.”According to the officer, drivers should make sure all windows are rolled up and doors are locked when exiting the vehicle, and consider purchasing an alarm or other security devices like a steering wheel lock that are made to deter car break-ins and hijackings.The accident in Berbice in which two persons were burnt to death. Inset: Neru Bankay.“Petty thieves are attracted to expensive phones so people should keep their devices hidden when they are in public and don’t wait until Christmas Eve to do last minute shopping because that’s when it’s crowded and most pick-pockets happen,” the officer advised.As it relates to home invasion, the police officer is advising neighbours to keep an eye out for each other as this can save lives.“When you see strange people in your neighbourhood, call up your friends and neighbours and warn each other. When you are leaving, secure your home- if you have to put 20 padlocks on your door, don’t hesitate.”On December 15, last, neighbours prevented a major tragedy from happening in Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD).One of two bandits was shot by police just after robbing a 50-year-old woman, Cheryl Embrack. Neighbours saw two men in the yard with the woman and immediately called the police.“We know Christmas is once a year but your life and safety are important…”Road users“While Christmas is a time for us to be merry, it is important for us to stay alive so that our year ahead can be prosperous,Wholesale China Jerseys, fruitful and we all can be happy, and enjoy 2016 with no more deaths on the road,” Traffic Chief Dion Moore urges.For pedestrians, it is best to use sidewalks, avenues and pavements. Where there is none, walk on the right hand side of the road to face the oncoming traffic and remember that moving vehicles need time to slow down and stop.Safety rules for drivers“Do not pass vehicles stopped at crosswalks as they may be allowing a pedestrian to cross the street. Leave sufficient space when passing vulnerable road users and take every possible precaution to avoid collision and watch for surprising changes in direction especially by children or cyclist avoiding road hazards,” the traffic department advised.According to Moore, it is the festive season and during this time persons would usually consume alcohol.“We must be responsible, if you imbibe alcohol, do not consume in excess. If you drink and have to drive after, then get a designated driver or drink at home.”For the year so far 118 persons were killed in road accidents with the latest being an accident at Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice (WCB) where two persons were burnt to death and four others injured as a result of a head-on collision on the public road.Protect your home against fire this seasonWhen most people think of the Christmas holiday, they think of family,Wholesale Jerseys USA, fun and cheer. But firefighters across the country want to remind people that through all of the excitement, there is an increased risk of home fires.Fire Prevention Officer of the Guyana Fire Service, Andrew Holder advises persons to check the amperage (measurement of electricity used) on their extension cords and power switches.Be wise, follow advice and save your home this holiday“It is dangerous to overload or put too much power on one strip/cord,” Holder noted.Also, he said, “It is advisable that when persons are about to retire to bed for the night, they plug out their fairy lights. Never leave it to run all night because electricity generates heat and after a long period of usage, the rubber part of the fairy light and drop cord can be broken down and a fire can eventually start right there.”With regards to makeshift extension cords, the Fire Prevention Officer said not everyone can make them and not everyone makes them with the right type of materials.“Drop cords must not be placed under carpets as is  done by a lot of people and that is because constantly walking on the carpet can cause the cord to be damaged, which can later cause a short circuit of the electrical system in the entire house and a fire can start right there.”During this time, everyone wants to compete with their neighbours to decorate their homes with the fanciest lights but when it comes to paying for the electricity- no one wants to pay that added amount.Persons would rather “jump the wire” just for this season but doing this can cause you your home.The Fire Prevention Officer also said that during this season, children are home and all of us know how mischievous they can be so it is wise to always keep an eye on them and hide all matches.Eat healthy, stay healthy   Eating at Christmas is part of the fun, and there’s no need to completely miss out on certain foods. But a healthy diet is important for managing diabeties,Nike Vapor Max Plus, so if you have the condition then you can always consider having healthy versions of classic Christmas dishes.This might mean adapting recipes so that they are more balanced, lower in fat and include plenty of vegetables and fruit.If you suffer from hypertension, a diet high in salt can elevate blood pressure. So, try to avoid pre-prepared alternatives at Christmas- such as gravy, sausage meat stuffing and ready-made bread sauce.Dr. Kumar Sukhraj confirmed that hypertension and high blood sugar are two of the most common symptoms at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) during the holiday season.He said that during the holiday, some patients’ blood sugar is very much uncontrolled as a result of excess eating and persons ignoring their diet at this time.“They tend to over eat. They say Christmas comes once a year and they eat. Some patients overdose themselves with medication so that they can eat more,” the doctor pointed out.He advises persons to stick to their regular eating pattern.“If you are going to eat, then eat in proportion. Take a little bit and stick to your diet.”According to Sukhraj, a spike in the blood pressure can damage vital organs.“Also, if you are purchasing toys for small children, be sure that they are safe. You will be surprised what a small child can swallow or what can injure them.”