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作者: yueyrt1cdu    時間: 4 天前 01:50     標題: Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Through Humanitarian Mission 2008

RELIANCE ABANDON, EAST CANJE – Through Humanitarian Mission 2008,China NFL Jerseys, a number of persons drawn from different backgrounds received assistance recently.The function was held last week at the Arya Samaj Vedic Mandir at Reliance Abandon in East Canje.An East Canje resident,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, 31-year-old Hamida Bacchus,NFL Jerseys Supply, got supplies for her four-month-old triplet girls.Rajendra Bridgelall, a 13-year-old student of the Port Mourant Community High School, of Kilcoy Squatting area; Hamid Rahaman, a 14-year-old Corentyne Comprehensive High student of Rose Hall Town; 11-year-old Jennifer Sookram, of Sheet Anchor Primary; and 13-year-old Seren Benn, of Rose Hall Town, each collected bicycles.Seren Benn’s father was shot a few years ago during a fracas with another man. He is now incapacitated and cannot take care of his family. Seren attends the Manchester Secondary School, and has been faced with several difficulties, including transportation costs to and from school.Single parent Hemwattie Sankar collected a sewing machine. This mother of 14-year-old twins and two older children lives at Letter Kenny, Corentyne.Those who received items each had a poignant story to tell.Mrs. Sharda Persaud collected a gas cooker on behalf of the Guyanese Women in Development organization. This is to boost their efforts in empowering women.President of the Reliance Arya Samaj, Amy Seedan, collected three sewing machines and a gas cooker.Head of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Pandit Suresh Sugrim, disclosed that this year the approach towards helping those in need has changed. The decision was taken to adopt the ‘teach a man to fish policy’.“We will now be working to empower people, rather than give them handouts. Over the past four years we have been giving the supplies, but if we truly want to change the lives of the less fortunate, we must begin by empowering them. We work with people of all faiths. We do not discriminate.”In some instances, he said, persons were exploiting the old system. “We discovered that there were some people who were dishonest about their situations,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and for that reason we had to change. But we will still continue to help those legitimate cases of persons in need in whatever way we can.”In June the mission handed over the keys of a newly constructed home to Iris Latchman and her family of Rose Hall Town. The $700,000 two-bedroom concrete flat was built by the Mission.Iris Latchman,holesale NFL Jerseys, a 60-year-old of Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, had no place to live after the shack she called home crumbled to the ground on a windy day in March.Pandit Sugrim expressed gratitude to his supporters both in Guyana and in the United States. He singled out Food for the Poor which donated the bicycles, sewing machines, gas cookers and other items.“This Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission 2008 was funded by some Americans and Guyanese living in the United States and other well wishers. We could not do it on our own.”

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