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Routine maintenance for the country’s main highways is imminent as the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board yesterday opened several bids to this effect.One such project was for the maintenance of the roadway from Soesdyke to the Toll Station on the Linden Highway for which the engineer’s estimate was $142, 886, 492. The bids submitted for this project, which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works and Communication, are:BiddersAmountFalcon Transportation and Construction Service$141, 252, 142SYMS General Contractors Inc$114, 309, 194Chung’s Global Enterprise $125, 472, 217Dax Contracting Service$131, 932,883Yoshi Construction and Transportation Establishment$115, 219, 393BK International Inc$233,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 578, 792Golden Star Contracting Services Inc$142, 228, 889Cab Construction Services $113, 021, 465Bids were also opened for the routine maintenance programme for the East Coast Demerara Public Road to the Mahaica Bridge.This project is also being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works and Communication.The engineer’s estimate for this project is $151, 460, 465 and the respective bids are as follows: BiddersAmountFalcon Transportation and Construction Service$139, 674, 150SYMS General Contractors Inc$121, 168, 371Chung’s Global Enterprise$127, 367, 352Dax Contacting Services$143, 924, 109Golden Star Contracting Service$150, 125, 052Yoshi Constr. and Trans. Estab.$123, 635,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, 593BK International Inc$232, 293,Cheap Jerseys China, 225Hemraj Gharbaran $131, 745, 873Cab Construction Services$121, 168, 511As it relates to the supply and delivery of lime for the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) several bids were opened for the project which the engineer’s estimated to cost some $21, 525, 000.The bids submitted were:BiddersAmountS Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Constructing Services$24, 720, 000Lynwil Intl Trading of T&T $27, 613, 500Samaroo’s Investment$29, 952, 000National Hardware Investment Inc.US$109, 800National Pharmaceutical Agency$29, 292, 000Bids were also opened by the tender board for the supply and installation of water distribution mains between Cummings Lodge and Liliendaal, for which the engineer estimates to cost$55, 307, 110 The bids submitted are:BiddersAmountN Prashad Construction Inc.$70,286,000Home Design and Engineering Associates$44,577,700Eddie’s Bobcat, Excavator and Construction Service$53,493,020RP Construction Agency$43,278,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,000Yoshi Construction and Transportation Establishment$43,677,972NABI Construction Inc$48,782, 430Samaroo’s Investment$47,601,680S. Lorrick Contracting Service$45,358,100S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Constructing Services$61,283,500H. Persaud and Company$55,942,766M. Ahmad Construction$48,109,721G. Bovell Construction Service$52,136,400As it relates to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), bids were submitted and opened for construction of roads, drains,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, structures and installation of pure water distribution network at Plantation Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo.This project was split in lots and the engineer’s estimate for Lot1 is $248,840,880 and for Lot 2 the estimate is $235, 950 041.  BiddersLot 1Lot 2Mohamed Ramsan Alli Khan Construction$245,956, 301$215, 135, 042Yoshi Construction and Transportation Establishment $229, 536, 901$184, 569, 836BK Int’l Inc.$339, 403, 465$303, 699, 110Kears Engineering Inc $242, 681, 615$229, 668, 120Eagle Transportation and General Construction Inc$301,506, 098$251, 592, 066Ivor Allen$312, 948, 137$260, 430, 940Bids were also opened for another project for CH&PA, namely construction of roads, drains, structures and installation of pure water distribution network at Block ‘D’, Bath Phase II, West Coast Demerara, Region Five.The engineer’s estimate for this project is $92,637,848 and the respective bids are: BiddersAmountInnovative Const. Inc95, 083, 439BK Intl Inc94, 895,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, 768Anirood Ramcharitar91, 346, 763

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