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Less than three months after her baby son drowned in a bucket, a North Sophia mother, Candacie Peters, has now lost her home in a mystery fire.Candacie Peters and her children.The fire broke out in the unfinished structure around 20:30 hrs yesterday while Peters’ remaining four small children were sleeping alone inside. Fortunately, an uncle who lives next door and other neighbours managed to drag them to safety.“A next door neighbor grab onto one of them and we pulled them out. They were sleeping …we barely pull the children from the house,” one resident said.The children were identified as Nickel Witter, 10; Antonio Witter,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, eight; Rohania, five, and three-year-old Daniel Duncan. Practically all of the family’s belongings were destroyed.Kaieteur News was told that the blaze may have started when a mattress was set alight but some neighbours said that the blaze started outside the house.At the time, their mother, a single parent, was at the Stabroek Market area where she sells phone cards.The woman’s brother, Devon Duncan, lives behind his sister’s home. He said that he keeps an eye on his nephews while their mother is away.The uncle told reporters that he had returned to his home after his nephews had eaten dinner and had gone to bed. The man said that shortly after, he heard neighbours shouting that his sister’s house was on fire.Kaieteur News was told that the children were still sleeping when the uncle and neighbours rushed to the scene. However, the eldest child said that he was awakened by the heat. The residents then dragged the children outside before trying in vain to douse the flames with water from the nearby ‘Forty Feet’ canal.The house was completely destroyed by the time firefighters arrived.A distraught Candice Peters told Kaieteur News that she was at the Stabroek Market selling phone cards when her brother contacted her by phone to say that her home was on fire.“By the time I reach my house was ashes,” she lamented.Ms. Peters said that she lost a bed,Wholesale Jerseys, gas stove, television set, wall divider and other household appliances. All the children’s school items, including shoes that she had recently bought, were also destroyed.Ms. Peters said that she had started building her home last month and had only moved in last week.Prior to that,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Peters had been living at her mother’s house, also located in North Sophia,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and it was there that tragedy struck the young mother less than three months ago.On February 24,Cheap China Jerseys, last,NHL Jerseys From China, one-year-old Akeem Peters drowned in a five-gallon bucket of water while a 14-year-old aunt who was left to watch him fell asleep.

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