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標題: 2018 Nike Vapor Max Plus dem never plan fuh wear one [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1cdu    時間: 2018-3-14 03:01     標題: 2018 Nike Vapor Max Plus dem never plan fuh wear one

When people throw brick ah hog pen de one that holler ah de one wha get knock. One Bobby holler and file lawsuit. Bobby Marley did sing who de cap fit let dem wear it and another Bobby decide fuh wear it. Dem boys wid de help of de Creator and big Uncle Sam gun mek sure he nah only wear de cap alone. He guh also wear de pumpkin jumpsuit.Dem boy nah frighten suit. Dem never wear one,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, dem never plan fuh wear one,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, except fuh a track suit and Bobby socks. But dem boys hope and pray to de Creator that dem nah get a lawsuit fuh wearing Bobby socks.One Bobby claim that de Waterfalls paper want bring down de Hard Times paper wha nobody does read. Dem boys want ask he if de paper ever been up anyway that anybody would want to bring am down.Is nuff thing coming to light now and is not dem boys saying suh. Is people talking. Dem talk how Hen See Hen got a bunch of thief,NFL Jerseys Cheap, till one big one admit banking de people money in he account.Dem got wholesale thief at de sugar place,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, one li’l one deh in custody. De big ones name gun call soon. National Park got another set of thief. Two get send home. Dem boys want fuh know where else we gun hear about tomorrow? Is it at de radio station? Dem boys hear that de station a mek two million dollar a day. Well if dem a mek suh much how much gone from deh?Somebody talk quick leh dem boys hear. Dem people got to talk before a judge shut dem boys up.Remember dem boys talk ‘bout how Jagdeo friend sell some li’l,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, li’l tube medicine fuh six times de retail value to de government. If government tek money and give dem friends in that manner people mustn’t talk,NFL Jerseys China, or else dem does get lawsuit. In fact nobody must talk. If Bobby and he kava-ka-mites dem really believe that lawsuit gun shut dem boys up dem better think again.Uncle Donald done whisper that he gun join in and talk fuh rain, he gun talk fuh sun. He gun talk fuh everything and everybody.Talk half and wait fuh another lawsuit.

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