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作者: yueyrt1cdu    時間: 2018-3-14 02:59     標題: China NFL Jerseys .Dead

A 13-year-old schoolgirl died at the West Demerara Regional Hospital shortly after 14:30 hrs yesterday,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, after collapsing at the private school she attended in La Parfaite Harmonie,NFL Jerseys Authentic, West Bank Demerara (WBD).Dead: Mariza KissoonThe dead teen has been identified as Mariza Kissoon of Lot 1518 Westminster, La Parfaite Harmonie.According to information received,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, the teen collapsed in her classroom at the New Era Academy and did not regain consciousness.Her sister, Pollyana Kissoon, said that they received a call from the school that the teen was unconscious. “I went there and she was in the office. She did not regain consciousness and the teachers were panicking so I told them she has to go to the doctor.”According to the older Kissoon,NFL Jerseys China, a few minutes after her sibling was taken to the hospital,Cheap Jerseys Online, the doctor pronounced her dead.She explained that her sister left home in good health and never suffered from any complications in the past.“She was a healthy child and the teacher said that she did all her homework (yesterday). The teacher said that she had just answered a question in class and was about to sit down when she collapsed,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” Kissoon said.A post mortem will be done today to determine the cause of death.

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