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A post mortem examination conducted by Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh revealed the gory detailsAnthony De Paul Hopeof what might have transpired the night Colleen Forrester was murdered.The 56-year- old woman went missing on December 26, 2007. She was allegedly beaten to death and her body dumped in a septic tank.Forrester was last seen at her brother’s house at Lot 55, William Street, Campbellville.The woman was reported missing after neighbours noticed something was amiss and raised an alarm.On January 6, 2008,NFL Jerseys Wholesale From China, her body was found by police ranks; her ankles were bound and her body wrapped in sheets. Forrester was allegedly strangled and beaten to death with a pestle (mortar stick) by her nephew, and his friendsFollowing investigations, police arrested and charged the woman’s nephew Anthony De Paul Hope, called ‘Papa’, 27, of ‘C’ Field Sophia and his friends Ralph Tyndall, 28, called “Nick” of ‘C’ Field, Sophia; and 28-year-old Kevin O’Neil of Seaforth Street, Campbellville.The trio stands indicted before Justice Roxane George and a mixed jury at the High Court in Georgetown for the murder.Yesterday, Dr. Nehaul Singh related the details of the post mortem examination which was conducted on Forrester’s body.Singh recalled that the body was covered in pieces of cloth and wrapped in a multi- flowered sheet. The witness said that a yellowish plastic bag covered her head.  Singh said that at the time of the examination, the victim was clad in a black and white long sleeved jersey and a blue track pants with white stripes to the side.According to the pathologist there were maggots and skin slippage (skin falling off) of the body, which bore a strong smell of faeces.Dr. Singh related that tissue was missing from the right side of the neck and part of the back.  There was a gash to the top left side of the head the witness said which was caused by blunt trauma.   He said that blood was present beneath the skin of the skull and muscles of the neck, which was indicative of trauma to the head and compression to the neck. He said the victim was possibly strangled.The witness said there was also bite marks on the victim’s tongue indicative of her teeth being compressed on her tongue,Cheap NHL Jerseys, while her mouth was being forced closed.The witness noted that most of the organs in Forrester’s body had reached a state of decomposition. He concluded the cause of death to be subdural haemorrhage (haemorrage of the brain) due to blunt trauma compounded by compression injuries to the neck.In answer to questions posed by State Prosecutor Stacey Goodings, the doctor said the body would have become decomposed in a shorter time on land but took twice as long in water.Dr. Singh was also given an opportunity to examine the alleged murder weapon,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, a piece of wood (mortar stick).  He told the court that based on his examination, an instrument of such size and weight could have definitely caused the injuries the victim sustained. He agreed too, that the woman would have had to been hit more than once in the head, to sustain the wounds present on her body.Responding to further questions from the Prosecutor, Dr. Singh said that the victim was possibly rendered unconscious before her death; her larynx (voice box) was also damaged,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, which is indicative of the woman’s throat being squeezed to restrict sound, during the attack.Last week, the dead woman’s granddaughter, Nikita Semple recalled that she heard screams, the night her grandmother disappeared. She recalled that all three accused were present at the time.   The witness was 10 years- old at the time.The Caution Statement, (CS) of Ralph Tyndall, the number one accused was also admitted into evidence before the court, last week. According to the evidence provided, Tyndall essentially blamed the murder on his co-accused, Hope.However yesterday retired Inspector of Police, Sydney Charles recalled that he interviewed the victim’s 10 year –old,Discount NFL Jerseys, granddaughter, Nikita. As a result of what the girl told him, the policeman said that he spoke to Hope,Wholesale Jerseys, the number two accused.The policeman said that he cautioned the accused who told him, “Officer is Nick kill ma Auntie.” The officer read Hope’s CS, aloud to the court.The policeman related that Nick hit his aunt in her head with the piece of wood and killed her after he was found hiding in the house.According to the statement, Hope said he and his friends hid the woman’s body in the septic tank. He said that he did not tell anyone because Nick threatened to kill him.

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