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Murder accused Waynewright Courtney Telford,Air Max 97, called ‘Baker’, 49,Wholesale Jerseys China, of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, was on Tuesday committed to stand trial for murder at the next session of the New Amsterdam High Court. Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo had found that a prima facie case had been made out against him at the end of the preliminary inquiry.Telford is accused of Murder committed On Michael Kissoon called ‘Prickle’37 of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam.The state’s case as presented by prosecutor,China Jerseys Cheap, Corporal Sherlock King,Air Max 97 For Sale Australia, is that on Sunday April 11, 2010 the accused allegedly chopped Kissoon to death following an altercation at a drug yard in Angoy’s Avenue. A post mortem examination was done on the body at the New Amsterdam Hospital by Dr Vivekanan Brijmohan and the conclusion was that Kissoon died from shock and hemorrhage due to multiple chop wounds about the body.Telford had turned himself over to the police after committing the act. The murder weapon,Cheap Adidas Superstar, a .22 cutlass, was also recovered. He had told investigators that the deceased would usually sodomise him while he was under the influence of narcotics and had fallen asleep. He claimed that when he awakened he would endure discomfort in the rear.He said that he constantly warned the deceased to desist from such practice,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, but he continued.One of those episodes took place on the Saturday night and when the suspect got up on Sunday he confronted his molester.About 09:45 hours on Sunday after waking he confronted his molester and an argument ensued, during which time he picked up a cutlass and chopped Michael Kissoon. He then went to the Central Police Station where he reported the matter and was detained. According to police reports, the victim was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.The accused was also taken to the New Amsterdam hospital on the Monday after complaining of feeling discomfort in various parts of the body. He was medically examine and returned to the New Amsterdam Prison. Telford represented himself during the preliminary inquiry.

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