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– GPTWU president says 154 vacancies exist Yesterday, the casuals who were sent packing on December 31, last, continued their protest action at the Guyana Post Office Corporation. A meeting between the Guyana Postal and Telecommunication Workers’ Union (GPTWU) and the GPOC should commence today at the Ministry of Labour, where the two entities would try to assert their views on the issue.“The fat at the top should be cut out,” proclaimed one of the placards.According to Harold Shepherd, President of GPTWU,Kyrie Irving Jersey, it is expected that the Ministry of Labour will sanction the Post Office Corporation because there is a breach of the termination of Employment and Severance Act.“They are not so-called casuals since the Collective Labour Agreement between the Post Office and the Union states that a casual should work intermittently and should not be there continuously for more than 28 days. These employees exceeded that,Wholesale China Jerseys, the management duty in terms of regularising the system was to appoint them and then do the necessary training,” Shepherd stated.He further said that before the actual termination of the casuals there were more than 150 vacancies in the GPOC.He added that the GPOC is claiming that its wages bill was $10M above budget. GPOC blamed this on the casuals.He noted all the five Sub-Committees in the GPOC are headed by Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill. Some of the Committees are Budget and Finance, Human workers and Welfare Sub-Committee, Building and Security and Marketing Sub-committee.He added that employees in the operational department usually start as casuals then they are promoted to Postal apprentices. The promotion chain could lead to a postman, then Postal Clerk,cheap jerseys from china, Post Master,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, Senior Post Master and eventually Chief Post Master.He said last November, the minutes of a meeting stated that by January 1, 2010, all of the long serving casuals would be appointed as postal apprentices, and is an injustice that will be challenged.All the five Sub-committees in the GPOC are headed by Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill. These are Budget and Finance,Alexander Nylander Jersey, Human workers and Welfare Sub-Committee, Building and Security and Marketing Sub-Committee.According to the Chairman,Nike Air Max 97 Buy, the GPOC had not wanted to be biased in handpicking who should be dismissed and a decision was made to terminate all the casual workers.He further said that the GPOC is a business entity and some casuals were promoted based upon their qualifications and that the entity has to retain the best people for the jobs.

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