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Hundreds flocked the Police Sports Complex Ground,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Eve Leary yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys, to witness the return of Gymkhana after an absence of over 10 years. The gathering included Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee,Cheap Jerseys From China, former Commissioner of Police Balram Raghubir, and several other retired members of the force.Addressing the gathering at the opening of the event Police Commissioner (ag.) Henry Greene said that the event was organized following appeals from members of the public. He said that Gymkhana gives the police the opportunity to display their skills to the public.Some of the displays witnessed by the gathering included performances by the Beterverwagting Majorettes,Cheap China Jerseys, motor cycle stunts by the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department and the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club,Cheap Nike Air Max 2018, and the Mounted Branch ranks participating in a game of musical chairs and a ‘late for work’ race on horses.Do not practice this at homeThe audience was thrilled by the gymnastics and the silent drill display by the Police Training School. The Canine Section displayed its ability to detect and apprehend criminals with ‘staged’ performances.Ranks of the force and community policing groups matched their skills as part of the entertainment when they competed in tug-o-war competitions.The entertainment also included performances by the Guyana Police Force Steel Orchestra and its military band. The activities concluded with the beating of the Retreat and the lowering of the Golden Arrowhead and the Force’s Flag.Besides its entertaining feature, the event projected the skills which are necessary elements in the force’s fight against crime,Cheap China Jerseys, while providing an opportunity for closer interaction between the law enforcement officers and the community.

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