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作者: yueyrt1cdu    時間: 2018-2-13 15:25     標題: Buy Air Max 1 30 hrs and 08

Better traffic management by ranks of the Guyana Police Force traffic department at the Demerara Harbour Bridge is resulting in easier commuting to and from Georgetown to West Bank Demerara.Commuters do not now have to worry of being ‘cut in front of’ by other vehicles after a long wait in the line to cross the bridge.In the early morning hours,Air Max 2018 Shoes, primarily between 06:30 hrs and 08:30 hrs, the lines at the approach to the Bridge have been extremely long; because while some drivers wait in the traffic for almost an hour if not more,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, others disregard the traffic regulations and laws and bully their way to the front. This creates an even larger buildup of traffic during peak hours at the bridge.Commuters are now experiencing some measure of relief as this situation has been addressed by traffic ranks,Nike Air Max Outlet Store, who work within the catchment area. Using new strategies to better manage the traffic flow, the ranks are now implementing road blocks to close off the entrance to the bridge,Bill Lee Jersey, leaving only one lane open to the flow of traffic for vehicles approaching the intersection from the Versailles end.Traffic is also diverted through the ‘Old Road’ at La Grange that leads to the bridge. This has contributed significantly to the reduction in the level of confusion and frustration for commuters.Due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the lines are still long; but the waiting time has been reduced. Commuters are crossing the bridge in a more orderly and hassle-free manner.Earlier in the month,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, during the launch of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Company’s wireless link with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Guyana Police Force,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson related to Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud the complaints of the commuters.In less than two weeks after this issue was brought to the Commissioner’s attention, the situation has been addressed.

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