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From the PNCROn this significant milestone of the 46th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, the People’s National Congress Reform salutes all Guyanese, both here at home as well as those in the Diaspora on our achievement of yet another year as a politically independent people and country.The political developments of the past year open new avenues for the forging of a new democratic culture so necessary for the achievement of real independence and social progress in our country.It is evident, from the way the Guyanese people voted at the November 28, 2012 General and Regional Elections, that they wish to experience governance that is less confrontational and more cooperative. For this desirable situation to become a reality those in the Executive Government must seize the initiative and invite other stakeholders to dialogue on all matters of concern to the citizens of Guyana. There must be a predisposition to compromise in the interest of arriving at policies and programmes which have the broadest agreement among stakeholders.While, by their votes last November, the people of Guyana appear to be ready to usher in this vitally necessary new democratic culture, the Executive Government has so far shown little enthusiasm to move in this direction and continues to behave as though nothing has changed.Our Party is confident that if as a nation we can build a truly, inclusive political culture in which all stakeholders are allowed to play a meaningful role and which can create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation, we can look forward to a future that is politically successful, economically self-sustaining and culturally rewarding.On this 46th Anniversary of Independence, the PNCR pledges to work with all responsible and reliable forces whose aim is to forge a ‘National Consensus’, which can facilitate the resolution of the many known problems which have bedeviled our country and stymied our development.In particular,Wholesale Jerseys From China, our Party will be supportive of all plans and programmes which seek to bring an end to the suffocating Westminster form of Governance, which has not only slowed our development but also generated conflict and ethnic division.It is with these reflections that the PNCR greets all the people of this our dear land and extend best wishes on the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of our political Independence.……Guyana Public Service UnionForty-six years ago Guyana became an independent state and its proud and enthusiastic people embraced the freedom bestowed by the declaration of independence with spirit and great determination.The end of 163 years of British Colonial rule was greeted with days of celebration, pomp and ceremony and there was a unified cry of freedom. There was the desire to charter our own destiny, exploit the freedom to make our own decisions and live in a society devoid of interference. Independence saw the fashioning of the Country’s flag the “Golden Arrowhead”, with five symbolic colours depicting the Country’s assets: green representing agriculture and forests; gold for its mineral wealth; red for the zeal of nation-building; black for the people’s endurance; and white symbolising the natural water potential of the Country.Today, May 26, 2012, as we celebrate the 46th Anniversary of our Country’s independence, the strings that bound our common humanity in cohesive decision making has become frayed, tattered and worn. Widespread enthusiasm has been dashed  and deflated by wholesale corruption in highest offices; where suppression and abuse compromises freedom; where there is deliberate exploitation and inequity resulting in inhumane disparity in standards of living; where our motto now more resembles  racism, discrimination and inequality; where the rule of law is trampled upon; where lawlessness and political interference is rampant; where quantity is preferable to quality; where access to quality health care is another ‘thing’ of the past; where respect for citizenry by a regime in authority has become almost nonexistent in our society.Despite the foregoing negative developments, this date reminds us that we are an independent nation, with full sovereign rights. We, as Guyanese must put aside our racial, religious, political and economic differences and aim for common goals whereby everyone can benefit equally.As a people,Stitched Jerseys, it should be our proud responsibility and committed obligation to protect our country and its image, be loyal patriots by doing whatever we can to improve the quality of life and enhance harmony amongst each other.We must recommit to our motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny” and ensure that those we elect to safeguard our nation’s wellbeing, faithfully fulfills the mandate given. We must not sit idly by and watch a marginal few create the basis of chaos and mayhem, while allowing our country to disintegrate.**From APNUA Partnership for National Unity joins all Guyanese at home and in the diaspora in celebrating our 46th Anniversary of National Independence on 26th May.The general and regional elections of 28th November 2011 ushered in an era of hope for the first time in 20 years. The majority of the Guyanese people – aware of the severe damage that has been wrought on the nation under the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration – can now once again contemplate a brighter future.The majority of the elected representatives in the National Assembly have started the task of re-asserting the rule of law  by the ensuring the independence of the Legislative Branch, of reinforcing parliamentary checks to make the Executive Branch more accountable to the nation and of re-building trust in the integrity of our institutions and the Judiciary.The observance of our 46th Anniversary of National Independence is a reminder of the work that we all have to do as a mature nation-state, especially to rebuild the education system for future generations. The large number of dropouts from primary and secondary schools, the large number of failures among students presented at the National Grade Six Assessment and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations, the chronic administrative and financial crises at the Cyril Potter College of Education and the University of Guyana and the flight of qualified teachers from their homeland are symptoms of deeper problems which must be corrected if Guyana is to progress.A Partnership for National Unity renews its pledge to work towards making Guyana a nation in which we can build a truly, inclusionary democracy. We shall continue to create the conditions in which all our people in all regions are allowed to play a meaningful role in order to create an enabling environment for the orderly development of the nation. We shall work towards a future that is culturally enriching, economically self-sustaining and politically co-operative. We shall never rest from working to fulfill our promise of “A Good Life for All Guyanese.”**From Indian Arrival CommitteeOn the occasion of the 46th Anniversary of Guyana’s independence,China Jerseys, the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) extends greetings to all Guyanese.We cannot lose sight of the fact that what we have in Guyana today is the cumulative experience and work of all who came to this country including the native people or Amerindians that were already here for thousands of years.It is necessary for every Guyanese to realize and be reminded constantly that building a multi-ethnic country like Guyana proceeds from the recognition that each group brought something here and the secret, therefore,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, to nation building is unity and working together.The IAC wishes to state that the fundamental lesson for all Guyanese is that by working together a great nation can be built.A Happy 46th Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese.………Youth Coalition for TransformationAs we celebrate our 46th Anniversary as an independent nation, the Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) today salutes all Guyanese whether home or abroad on our achievements as a people.On this day, May 26, 2012,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, we have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate, because as a people we have chartered a new course, a course that can only see us achieving even greater accomplishments, but we must be prepared to stay the course.We, for the first time in twenty years, have the opportunity to play a substantial role in our own destiny. We have the power to decide where we would like to see Guyana in a year from now, five years from now or even ten years from now, who will be our leaders and what would be our expectations of them.The anniversary of our 46th independence should serve as a reminder of the work we as a people have to do to rebuild this great nation that has given so much to us. Today our Education, Judicial, Health and Financial systems are not at its best.We need to be buildIt is important that our young people have access to national literature to study so as to inform their decisions when choosing their future leaders. Access to information can serve as a way to defuse tensions within a society and inspire national pride and patriotism.The responsibility of the government is to embrace and nurture these facts instead of being biased towards all the principles of a president because he was of a different ethnicity or a different political persuasion.As we celebrate Guyana’s 46thIndependence, the YCT is reminded by the words in the Preamble of the Constitution of Guyana that acknowledges “the aspirations of our young people who, in their own words, have declared that the future of Guyana belongs to its young people, who aspire to live in a safe society which respects their dignity, protects their rights, recognises their potential, listens to their voices, provides opportunities, ensures a healthy environment and encourages people of all races to live in harmony and peace.”**From the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO)May 26, 2012 marks the 46th anniversary year since the Union Jack was lowered and the Golden Arrowhead was triumphantly hoisted in recognition of the birth of an Independent Guyana.We in the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) wish to extend heartfelt gratitude to our leaders who courageously fought for and won Independence from the British colonial masters.We have recognized from our history that the struggle was long and hard, life was difficult and conditions on the plantations were abominable. Many of the Leaders of the Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP), including Dr. Cheddi Jagan, were jailed and restricted.Years later it was revealed that both the British and Americans did not want Dr. Jagan to lead the then British Guiana into independence and as such they manipulated the system and forcibly removed – on two occasions, the PPP Government from Office.Yet in his May 26, 1966 addressed to the National Assembly, Dr. Jagan welcomed Independence and urged that the nation use the opportunity to work towards a better life for all Guyana.Post-independence there was great hope for Guyana but unfortunately, the country plummeted into close to three decades of undemocratic rule that allowed for the destruction of the social fibre of our society,NFL Jerseys Cheap, mass poverty, corruption and overall hopelessness.Our first post-independence free and fair election in 1992 brought not only the PPP into government but allowed for our country to finally begin to see the hope of a better future that independence promised. From then to now we have seen tremendous growth and development in our nation. Our young people today have experienced a better life and have great hopes and aspirations for the future.We urge all Guyanese and particularly our young people to let the past be a guide in our future action. We must never forget the struggles and hardships of the heroes of Guyana who played a role in bringing Independence to our nation.Happy 46th Independent Anniversary to ALL GUYANA!